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Zhuo Yi-Fan, also called Demonic Emperor, was one of the Sacred Domain's Eight Emperors. Amongst them he could be considered the strongest.

After the news have been leaked, that he had aquired the Nine Sereneties Sovereign's Nine Serenities Secret Scriptures, he has been targeted by the other Emperors. Ambushed by the Emperors and betrayed by his Disciple Zhao Cheng in a crucial moment, he was about to get killed.

Zhuo Yi-Fan decided to self-destruct his body and soul along with the Nine Serenities Secret Scriptures, but in fact used one of the Nine Serenities Secret Scriptures Techniques to separate his soul and body and possess another body.

Thousands of years later, Zhuo Yi-Fan possessed the body of the 15 year old Zhuo Fan, a servant of the Luo Clan.

Zhuo Yi-Fan plans to take vengeance against the people, who caused his death in the Sacred Domain, but is shackled by Zhuo Fan's "Heart Demon", formed by the regret of not being able to protect the Luo Clan. This forces Zhuo Yi-Fan to fulfill the boy's wishes and stay by the Luo Clan's side.

How can he lead this descending family back to the pinnacle of this continent!