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Zhou Yi-Fan is the main protagonist of "Demonic Emperor"


Zhuo Yifan was the Demon Emperor. One day, he managed to lay his hands on an ancient emperor’s book, the Nine Serenities Secret Records. As the book was coveted by many, he was targeted by experts and was even betrayed by his student.

Zhuo Yi-Fan decided to blow himself up including his soul along with the Nine Serenities Secret Scriptures, but he actually used one of the Nine Serenities Secret Scriptures techniques to separate his soul and possess the body of a boy owned by a Clan servant of the Luo Clan named Zhuo Fan thousands years later.

Three days before Zhuo Fan’s death, the Luo Clan was almost annihilated when the Black-Wind Mountain Bandits massacred the whole manor.

Zhuo Fan, along with some guards were escorting the fleeing Luo Yun-Chang And Luo Yun-Hai , only to find his death at the hands of the pursuers.

In his final moments he was filled with an obsession. It was this that drew the drifting Demonic Emperor Zhuo Yi-Fan’s resentment and allowed Zhuo Yi-Fan to possess him.

Before being possessed, Zhuo Fan was a devoted servant of Luo Yun-Chang, She was very kind to him so the original Zhou Fan pledged a life-long devotion to the Luo Clan.

The resentment before death was born o of the regret of not protecting the Luo Clan Forming A Heart Demon. It was then Zhuo Yi-Fan’s hatred and Zhuo Fan’s resentment fused, possessing his soul and breathing life into his body. His resentment became a contract with Zhuo Yi-Fan turning the Heart Demon Into Zhuo Yi-Fan’s shackles forcing him to protect the Luo Clan or the Heart Demon Would Haunt Him.

His goals are to surpass his past life’s cultivation realm and take vengeance against the Scared Saint And Seven Emperors of the Sacred Domain.

He is also aiming to transform the Luo Clan from a third class Clan into a first class Clan and make it the eighth Clan of the Great Clans. At first he sees the Luo Clan as a hindrance, but soon starts to appreciate them and considers them as the Clan he never had in his previous life.


He is bold, cunning, vicious, and ruthless. Due to his extensive knowledge of his previous life, Zhuo Yi-Fan has the acumen for manipulating allies and enemies towards his own interests. He does not believe in compassion, believing it to be a hindrance in the cruel "kill or be killed" world. He also seems to be narcissistic, priding himself as the best, although he has the prowess as well as the ability to read his opponents to justify his ego.

As long as his allies and Clan members follow his plans he is extremely generous and reliable, eager to make his allies stronger and more knowledgeable. Also because he can assign them to missions and divide the responsibilities equally.

As long as his allies and Clan members follow his plans he is extremely generous and reliable, eager to make his allies stronger and more knowledgeable. Also because he can assigne them to missions and divide the responsibilities equally.

While he tends to be somewhat blunt and arrogant, Zhuo Yi-Fan is very charismatic, with even his haters admiring his abilities. Zhuo Yi-Fan is extremely ambitious, and views women and morals as distractions. The only woman he ever loved is his wife, Chu Qing-Cheng.

A perfect line to describe him is: "Between seeing the world burn or suffering myself I would rather see the world burn". Said to himself while watching Chu Qingcheng betrayed by Huang-Pu Qian-Yun.


He was an orphan who later became the Demon Magic Emperor of the Sanitary Land, so strong that the other Seven Emperors all allied against him but even they chose to back stab him through his disciple rather than confront him directly.

Reincarnated into Zhou Fan's body while his mind transferred into said body, so his appearance changed but his mind didn't.

It is later confirmed that Zhuo Yi-Fan reincarnated many times before Zhuo Fan's round. Nine Nether Emperor told that he always observed and instructed Zhuo Yi-Fan's reincarnation to perfection so Zhuo Yi-Fan can defeat the Heavenly Emperor but still failed, until Zhuo Fan's round.


"Zhuo Fan killing seemed to be no ordinary killing at all, but rather like a king depriving the slave of his life" - Elder Lin Zitian of Merry Forest was killed by Zhuo Fan

"Now I will send you a word, this world , Only standing… are considered men." - Zhuo Fan to Huangpu Qingyun

After Chu Qingcheng received a positive response from Zhuo Fan about the wedding. Chu Qingcheng asked him how he made Gu Santong his (adopted) son. "It’s just that I’m very surprised. What methods did you use to trick such a powerful man into becoming a son?” “Well… it’s just like tricking a World’s First beautiful woman into a wife!” Zhuo Fan raised his eyebrows, seemingly pointing, and chuckled.

Zhuo Fan - “Miss Lian’er, Zhuo Fan hates two kinds of people the most in my life. One is the overestimate one’s capabilities, and the other is not keeping promises. You have already committed one taboo today. I don’t want you to commit another taboo. Otherwise, I won’t be merciful anymore!” His eyes narrowed slightly, and Zhuo Fan’s complexion finally cooled.

Relationship between Xie Tianyang and Zhuo Fan <<<But at this moment, Xie Tianyang looked towards him deeply, murmured, as if there was still a trace of worry: “Zhuo Fan, do you have to be like this every time you show up? My Ning’er she is completely fascinated by you, how am I going to live with it?”

His body shook unconsciously, Zhuo Fan’s eyelids moved slightly and he was silent.

Although Xie Tianyang’s words were half cracking a joke, how could Zhuo Fan not hear the worries in the words?Maybe if this continues, the relationship between their three people will become more complicated and even break!

After thinking about it a little, Zhuo Fan exhaled and chuckled: “Sorry, I am born like this, I don’t act cool, who is acting cool? Take care of yourself!”>>>

One of the guards couldn't help sighing: "Mr., in the past, we only saw the opportunity of planning strategies for Mr. and his decisiveness. Today, we know that Mr. is also a tender man. But in this way, we are also aware of Mr.'s weakness!"

Slightly nodded, Zhuo Fan sighed: "Yes, but... she will never be my weakness, because from now on, I will always bring her by my side, to never leave each other. People who want to deal with her , You have to step on my corpse first. I am her shield, and the shield is not broken. No one can use her as a weakness!"

Looking at Chu Qingcheng deeply, Zhuo Fan's tears were already hazy under the mask. He just said it, but He don't know how much Chu Qingcheng heard, and how much she understood at this time.

Other people about Zhuo Fan:

Long Kui fiercely sniffed: “This kid is too disgusting. It either makes people angry or makes people cry.”

“This is the pride of a man, I finally saw a real man. And this man is still my Husband…” - Xiao Dandan

"Even if the lion is dead, it is still a lion. Even if the king takes off the crown, he will still be the king." - Poison Hand Medicine King

Xie Tianyang took a deep breath, sighing on his face: “Goodbye, more than 4000 lives, this kid has more enemies in an instant.”

"Big brother, I said I will get revenge from you in the future. What are you doing now? I’m not ready yet. Give me a 80 years" - Yan Fu

Xiao Dandan - “Anyway, whether he is who, he is the Husband of this miss.”

Shui Ruohua - “He is a demon, Great Demon who can penetrate people’s hearts…”

“Besides, if he is well, how can I be his pawn? I’m afraid that he will throw me away forever, and i can’t even be his pawn! " - Chu Qingcheng

Chu Qingcheng indifferent expression: “the falling flowers are yearning for love, but the heartless brook ripples on. He is the ruthless flowing water, rushing endlessly, and is destined to never stop. I just want to be in his life The moment it appeared, I was satisfied…”

Biting her lip tightly, Murong Xue said angrily: “I’m not prejudiced. That kid is not right in his heart, and his ideas are bound to be evil, and he won’t worry about the safety of the world. Just why, Sect Master Ling still Have to ask the demon for help and dance with the devil?”

"We are still here to fight over who is the Number One Person of the young generation in the 4 states, but he has already stepped on all the people in the 4 states and became the Great Marshal the commander of 4 states, a group of Old Senior have to obey him. This… is the gap. He have already gone too far and far beyond us, so far that we don’t know when we can catch up!” - Wu Qingqiu

However, Luo Yunshang hated it and couldn’t forgive it. She glared at Tuoba Tieshan fiercely, her eyes full of anger: “Marshal Tuoba, do you know how many tears I have cried for that cruel man over the years?”

Earlier, Zhuo Fan, weary of Xiao Dandan's insistence, warned that he would kill her if she did not stop following him. But when Zhuo Fan once again saved everyone in an incredible way by chasing a huge army of beasts: "Xiao Dandan even beamed with two eyes, looking in the direction of Zhuo Fan, with a face of possessive desire. Although she was startled by Zhuo Fan’s coldness before, but now that Zhuo Fan is so majestic out of the ordinary, she can no longer control herself.It seems that even if she really died in the hands of Zhuo Fan, she was willing to do so.

The old lady(Xiao Dandan) would rather be the dead soul of a hero than a good wife next to a poor man!

Xiao Dandan two eyes were burning with naked desires, and she looked like she was about to swallow Zhuo Fan."

“Father, I got his head!” Stepping up to Zhuo Fan, sword child presented the head that was still filled with surprise, panic, and doubt to him. Zhuo Fan was slightly nodded and received it in the ring.Then he waved his hand and continued to lead people on the road as if there was nothing wrong with him.


Zhuo Yi-Fan teaches people about Demon Dao and Orthodox Dao:

"The desires of the human heart are endless, and there are demons if there is desire. There are very few real Orthodox Dao cultivators in the world. Most people just wear Orthodox Dao skin, but It’s the person who is hard to get rid of the demons in her heart that’s all. She(Murong Xue) wants to stay strong along this road to eliminate demons and protect the dao. She can only endure such loneliness and betrayal. Only when she survives can she reach Orthodox Dao Peak. However, it is too easy to break, so in this Human World, Orthodox Dao cultivator is actually difficult to become enlightened.”

“Either go with the crowd and ruin oneself Grand Dao, not demon, nor righteous, nondescript; or in this muddy world, ruined in the hands of other people. However, Orthodox Dao has a natural shortcut compared to Demon Dao, that is, cultivation, regardless of the world . A clear heart and little desire, feeling heaven and earth righteousness, the easiest way to become. So Demon Dao enter the world becomes the world, Orthodox Dao enter the world and escapes the world. Out of the mud but not stained, clear ripples but not demon. Therefore, Demon Dao enter the world. brother Wu, you are also an Orthodox Dao cultivator, and you are not in a low mood. As a friend, I would advise you to go back to the mountains and forests for retreat after 100-state experience in the world. Human World is too mixed and not suitable for truly pure humanism!"


He is also married to Dan Dan, but doesn't acknowledge her as his wife even though she loves him whole heartedly